R.I.P. NFLLockout.com

August 24th, 2011

The NFL lockout is over and your favorite NFL players are back on the field. And so, it is time to officially put NFLLockout.com to rest. We appreciate all of the support, readership, petition signatures, Facebook “likes” and Twitter follows. Let this post and the comments that you leave serve as the official funeral of NFLLockout.com as we move on and enjoy many years of labor peace.

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NFL Players Release Video Thanking Fans for Support

July 26th, 2011

The players of the National Football League released an exclusive video Monday thanking fans for their support and patience during the lockout.

The video features 13 players from around the league delivering personal messages to fans.

“I just want say to all the fans, thank you so much for all of your support and patience during this process,” Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said. “We’re excited for this season to start and to have a great year.”

“We want to tell you we thank you for being supportive of us through this process,” Cincinnati Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth said. “We were trying to make the game better for those guys that played it in the past, in the present and in the future. We appreciate your support. We look forward to a great football season. We got this thing done, now let’s play some ball.”

For more information on the video, read the following story by Pro Player Insiders here: www.proplayerinsiders.com.



July 25th, 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The NFLPA Board of Directors has voted to recommend a settlement to the plaintiffs in Brady, et al v. NFL.

Player Directors active in the process confirmed they believe the terms presented today will improve conditions for NFL players past, present and future.

“This has been a long road for everyone involved. While it is not yet over, the diligence demonstrated by active and former players speaks volumes to their dedication to reaching a fair deal,” said Kevin Mawae, NFLPA President. “This settlement is an essential component to what will be a long-term agreement benefitting players, owners and fans.”

The NFLPA Executive Committee reviewed settlement terms earlier today before unanimously voting to pass it to the Board of Directors for their endorsement.

“Several of us have been involved in every step of these negotiations for more than two years,” said Domonique Foxworth, member of the NFLPA Executive Committee. “We are confident that the result made possible by the compromises made by both sides is good for the future of our game.”

The Board of Directors will make a formal recommendation to the 10 named plaintiffs that they accept the terms of the settlement. The plaintiffs decide the next course of action.

“We have all worked tirelessly throughout this process,” said Jeff Saturday, member of the NFLPA Executive Committee. “We now look forward to a conclusion so we can return to playing the game we all love.”

Statement from NFLPA President Kevin Mawae

July 22nd, 2011

“Player leadership is discussing the most recent written proposal with the NFL, which includes a settlement agreement, deal terms and the right process for addressing recertification. There will not be any further NFLPA statements today out of respect for the Kraft family while they mourn the loss of Myra Kraft.”

Logan Mankins Reaches Out To NFLPA Leaders

July 21st, 2011

Pro Player Insiders broke the following news today: The NFLPA leadership has been in touch with Logan Mankins. He and the NFLPA are disappointed by unnamed and unsourced reports in the media that he asked for any financial compensation to be a named plaintiff in the Brady case. Any contention that he would put himself ahead of the other players in this league are baseless.  He reaffirmed his support for a fair settlement that is good for ALL players and members of the class.

Joint Statement By The NFLPA and NFL

July 15th, 2011

The discussions this week have been constructive and progress has been made on a wide range of issues. Our legal and financial teams will continue to work through the weekend. We will continue to respect the confidentiality orders of Chief Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan and will therefore refrain from commenting on specific issues or aspects of the negotiations. We will provide additional information as developments in this process continue.

Brady, P. Manning, Brees Release Statement to Associated Press

July 13th, 2011

In a statement released to The Associated Press via the NFL Players Association on Wednesday, New England’s Tom Brady, Indianapolis’ Peyton Manning and New Orleans’ Drew Brees said: “We believe the overall proposal made by the players is fair for both sides and it is time to get this deal done.”

The statement continued: “This is the time of year we as players turn our attention to the game on the field. We hope the owners feel the same way.”

The full story written by the AP can be viewed HERE.

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